Incautos revolves around an archive of photographs by the National Police in Spain showing objects extracted as evidence during police operations. These photographs follow a visual pattern based on aesthetics, typological order, hierarchy or marketing strategies.

The video shows a series of agents and experts from both artistic and policing backgrounds who were invited to answer several questions related to the photographs. In Spanish, both fields share many linguistic similarities – for example, “curator” and “police chief”, and “research” and “investigation”, use the same word. Therefore, the role of the characters in the video becomes vague – who investigates whom? What objects are being curated?

Ángel Aterido
Gabinete de Prensa de la Policía Nacional
Julián Delgado
Julia Morandeira
Pilar Olalla
Sergio Martínez Luna

Video credits:
Video and editing:
Sofía Montenegro

Arturo Herrero
Policía Nacional



An open conversation around the archive with Julián Delgado (policeman), Virginia Torrente (curator) and me. Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid. 2017.

Photo credit: Guillermo Gumiel