Incautos revolves around an archive of photographs by the National Police in Spain showing objects extracted as evidence during police operations. 

The video shows a series of agents and experts from both artistic and policing backgrounds who were invited to answer several questions related to the photographs. In Spanish, both fields share many linguistic similarities – for example, “curator” and “police chief”, and “research” and “investigation”, use the same word.  The pictures are examined through multiple speculative thoughts around their visual arrangement –whether aesthetic, typological, hierarchical or commercial– to generate or hide a certain narrative. 

The role of the characters in the video becomes vague – who investigates whom? What objects are being curated?

Ángel Aterido
Gabinete de Prensa de la Policía Nacional
Julián Delgado
Julia Morandeira
Pilar Olalla
Sergio Martínez Luna

Video credits:
Video and editing:
Sofía Montenegro

Arturo Herrero
Policía Nacional



An open conversation around the archive with Julián Delgado (policeman), Virginia Torrente (curator) and me. Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid. 2017.

Photo credit: Guillermo Gumiel