in the mangrove, the roots fall from above  (2019)

Performative reading entangling 3 different discoveries of diverse value and materiality: a snake, a ship and a dolphin. The narrative locates forms of fiction that take place in real life, moving from the aesthetical to the political. Why do materials, objects, beings and organisms replicate each other?
Graduation act for the Dutch Art Institute @SIlent Green, Berlin.

scene 1
(dark room, curtains, silence)
A dolphin is discovered in a public park in Madrid in 2016.

scene 2
(faint bird and water sound)
In 2015, a galleon is thought to be discovered in the Caribbean Sea full of treasures.

(I close all the windows so the room is in complete darkness)

scene 3
(bird and water sound continues)
A snake is found lying on the floor. She is feigning death in order to evade the unwelcome attention of a predator.
(spotlight on snake on floor mosaic)

(complete darkness, and I unveil the windows so the light comes in)
(storm and wind sound begins)

(a real storm bursts outside)

Photo credits: Maxime Gourdon